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Become a volunteer and experience our skistars firsthand 

Our volunteers are our heroes behind the scenes. Whether on the slopes, in the presscenter, or right at the information point - your support and enthusiasm turn the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships 2025 into an unforgettable event. We offer our volunteers fantastic benefits, including access to our volunteer event, exclusive volunteer attire, complimentary meals during your service days, and a certificate for your volunteer work.

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Immediate contact to ski world stars

Develop and enhance your skills

Carving on the slopes | © Christoph Johann

Diverse area of duties 

Skier infront of the door | © ÖSV

Collect unforgettable experiences

Happy face | © Tirol Foto | Erich Spiess

Exclusive insight into the event process

Finish area | © Tirol Foto | Erich Spiess


Gastro & Hospitality 

As a volunteer in the Gastro & Hospitality sector, you ensure that everyone feels comfortable all around. You are an essential part of our team, dedicated to providing delicious catering and warm hospitality. Whether in the dining areas or the VIP section, your friendliness and dedication make a difference.


Info Point & Accreditation

You are the point of contact for all questions and concerns and the first point of contact for athletes, journalists, and staff. You assist with accreditation, provide information, and ensure that everyone finds their way easily. Your friendliness and knowledge make everyone's stay more pleasant and extraordinary. If you want to support us in the Info Point & Accreditation sector, you should have good proficiency in both German and English, as it is an international event. 


Races & Slopes

In the Races & Slopes sector, you are right in the midst of the action. You assist in organizing the races, secure the slopes, and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Your contribution is crucial to creating breathtaking racing moments on the snow-covered slopes.


Infrastructure, Construction & Technology
If you have craftsmanship skills and technical understanding, this is the right place for you. As a volunteer in the Infrastructure, Construction & Technology sector, you contribute to shaping the infrastructure of the World Championships and ensuring that everything works flawlessly. 

Hostesses & Guest Relations

Your warmth and charm are your best tools. As a volunteer in the Hostesses & Guest Relations sector, you ensure that guests and VIPs feel completely at ease. You are the perfect host, and your friendly demeanor makes the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships an unforgettable experience for all involved.


Marketing, Press Center & Media Relations

Do you want to share the stories of our World Championships with the world? As a volunteer in the Marketing, Press Center & Media Relations sector, you play a crucial role in spreading our message. You assist us in the press center, serve as an important point of contact for on-site media, and help present our event in the media. Your creativity and communication skills contribute to making our FIS Alpine Ski World Championships a global event.



As a volunteer in the Organization sector, you assist in coordinating processes, schedules, and resources. Your structured approach and organizational talent ensure that everything runs smoothly, making the World Championships an unforgettable experience.


Transport & Drivers

As a volunteer in the Transport & Drivers sector, you coordinate the seamless operation of vehicles and transportation means. Whether it's shuttles for athletes and guests or logistics around the slopes, your organizational talents are indispensable in getting everyone safely to their destination. 

Volunteer FAQ

Enthusiasm, reliability, motivation and time. 

  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Availability: Time for an assignment of minimum 7 days
  • Insurance: currently valid health insurance
  • Language skills: German and English
  • Motivation: Interest in working in a team
  • Affinity and enthusiasm for the ski sport #weareskiverrückt

You will receive a complete volunteer uniform that you can keep. During your volunteering time, we will take care of your meals and, if necessary, accommodation for the duration of your assignment. You can take part in a cool volunteer party and at the end we will give you a certificate for your volunteer work.

But the most important thing: You have the chance to be part of a special and emotional event with unforgettable moments.

Welcome to #skiverrückt

  • Gastro & Hospitality
  • Races & Slopes
  • Transport & Drivers
  • Info Point & Accreditation
  • Organization
  • Infrastructure, Construction & Technology
  • Hostesses & Guest Services
  • Marketing, Press Center & Media Support

You can specify your clothing sizes in your profile after registration. We use international sizes (XS - XXXL).

In general, no prior qualifications are required. However, if you have previously participated in a volunteer program in the alpine skiing sector, we would greatly appreciate your expertise.

In the planning, communication, and training phases, it helps us if you are available for the entire duration of the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships 2025. To be a volunteer at the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships 2025, you must be available for a minimum of 7 consecutive days.

We are more than happy to support you during the application process. Please contact us at volunteers@saalbach2025.com and include a screenshot of the issue.

The official Volunteer registration is open until 1 December 2023. Afterward, we will select volunteers for different roles and contact you via E-Mail.


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We are role models for the next generation and are sparking a huge interest in skiing.

We do what we love – we love what we do.

Together we achieve greatness.

We prioritize quality over quantity.

We strive to create a sustainable legacy for our next generation and the winter sports. 

We act as hosts of the Ski World Championships 2025 as one big ski family.

We are innovative, sometimes unconventional and always remain authentic and approachable. In addition we never forget our roots and where we come from.

We aim to touch people's lives and establish lasting connections with them.

Happy Girl while eating | © Christoph Johann
Vincent Kriechmayr with his Team | © Tiro Foto | Erich Spiess
Athlet in the starting area | © Tirol Foto | Erich Spiess
Kids with Skistars | © Andreas Putz
High five at the slopes | © Mirja Geh
Freeride while sundowner | © Moritz Ablinger
Selfie with Skistars at the Europark | © Andreas Putz

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