Venue Rules 


A.  The Austrian Ski Federation, usually through its various event companies (each an "Organizer"), organizes various events in Austria as part of the FIS, IBU, or ISMF World Cup series or hosts major events (such as World Championships) in Austria (each an "Event" and collectively the "Events").

B.   This Venue Rules have been established for all such Events and, unless expressly stated 
otherwise, apply to all the above-mentioned Events (the "Venue Rules"). 

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In light of this, the venue rules are as followed:

All spectators and other individuals granted access to the Event (collectively referred to as "Visitors" and each a "Visitor") are particularly obligated, for safety reasons, to carefully read and adhere to the following instructions and regulations in these Venue Rules. By using the accreditation, ticket, and/or (in cases where regular ticketing is not offered) entering the event premises, the Visitor confirms their awareness of the Venue Rules and their applicability.

2.1.  The Venue Rules provide information and establish behavioural guidelines for the entry and stay of visitors on the event premises during the events. The "event premises" includes the areas used for the event's implementation, and the Venue Rules apply without restriction to all individuals present on the event premises. In the event that entrance and security checks 
are provided at an event, the event premises are entered upon passing the security checks at the entrance and exited upon passing the exit.

2.2.  The Venue Rules apply from the start of admission or visitor access to the event premises until the time when the last visitor has left the event premises after the event.

The objectives of the Venue Rules are specifically: 

  • to prevent endangerment or harm to individuals and property.
  • to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements during the Event.
  • to protect the event premises from damages and contamination. to ensure a smooth running of the Events.

4.1.  All individuals entering the event premises must comply with the instructions of the police, fire department, security and rescue services, as well as the stadium announcer. Failure to comply with these instructions, either intentionally or negligently, may result in expulsion from the premises by the security services or the police.

4.2. Access to the event premises is only permitted with a valid authorization (e.g., tickets, accreditations). The ticket loses its validity if the Visitor leaves the event premises during the Event, unless the Organizer has provided a procedure for re-entry with the ticket (e.g., rescanning the ticket, marking it with a stamp, etc.). Access with counterfeit tickets will be denied and reported without exception.

4.3. In general, at all entrances to the event premises, access and security checks are conducted. Upon request, a form of identification must be provided in an appropriate manner.

4.4. Every Visitor is obligated to present their authorization to the security services upon entering the event premises, unsolicited, and to hand it over for inspection upon request or provide other proof of entitlement. The obligation to present identification also applies during the stay on the event premises upon request of the security services. In case of refusal, access will be denied, or the Visitor will be expelled from the event premises without any refund of the ticket price. The validity and usability of the ticket are governed by the General Terms and Conditions of the respective Organizer (these General Terms and Conditions are available under

4.5. The security services have the right to screen/frisk individuals who intend to enter or gain access to the Event for dangerous – or otherwise prohibited – objects. The frisk/screening includes the clothing of individuals as well as their carried containers and may also be conducted using technical aids. The frisk/screening of individuals must be performed by personnel of the same gender.

4.6. The security services have the right to deny access to individuals who refuse to be frisked/screened or who, due to their particular personal condition, could endanger the objectives of the Venue Rules (e.g., due to alcohol or drug consumption). The same applies to individuals who attempt to bring dangerous or otherwise prohibited objects (in particular refer to Section 4.9.) into the event premises. In such cases, the Visitor is not entitled to a refund of the entrance fee. In case the Visitor decides to leave the prohibited objects behind, the security services may freely decide whether to allow access onto the event premises.

4.7. Objects whose possession is unlawful will be seized and handed over to the police along with the personal information of the owner.

4.8. Items whose possession is prohibited according to these Venue Rules can be deposited by the Visitor at designated locations at their own risk, following the instructions of the security services. This does not constitute a storage agreement. No liability is assumed for lost, misplaced, or damaged items. At the end of the Event, unclaimed items may be disposed of by the Organizer or allocated to a purpose of their choice.

4.9. Prohibited items include:

(a) any items prohibited by law (e.g., narcotics);

(b) pyrotechnic objects of any kind;

(c) striking, cutting, stabbing, and throwing objects;

(d) items with promotional, commercial, racist, extremist, sexist, homophobic, provocative, offensive, irreverent, religious, or political prints, as well as items that may compromise the reputation of the Event (e.g., banners, signs, leaflets). Specifically prohibited are any indirectly promotional activities aimed at exploiting the media attention of the Event without being an officially accredited sponsor of the Event ("ambush marketing"). Such items or activities may be removed or prohibited by the security services at any time;

(e) any wooden poles (except for handheld flags with a maximum length of 100 cm and having a diameter smaller than 1 cm) or metal poles. Other poles such as flexible plastic flagpoles (e.g., PVC pipes) or telescopic flagpoles, as well as selfie sticks longer than 1.20 m and having a diameter greater than 2 cm, are also prohibited. Sticks or other walking aids may only be carried by individuals who require such aids;

(f) for all events, unless otherwise stated below, bulky items (sperrige Gegenstände) of any kind are prohibited (e.g., strollers, bicycles, scooters, walkers), except for disability aids in designated areas. Only in cross-country skiing and biathlon competitions, strollers and sleds are allowed within the racecourse area (e.g., track map), but not in grandstand seating areas (however, strollers and sleds must not block walkways or obstruct other visitors. Sleds must be always pulled, and riding on the premises is not allowed). The Organizer explicitly disclaims any liability for brought strollers and sleds. Furthermore, sleds and strollers must be used downhill in a manner that does not endanger or harm other visitors. When in doubt, sleds or strollers must be carried. In the event of an evacuation, sleds and strollers must not be used further due to the high risk of tripping and injuring other visitors and should be placed outside the flow of visitors. Infants should be carried in such cases. The Organizer and their security services may prohibit the use of sleds and strollers at any time for security reasons (e.g., inclement weather, excessive visitor congestion);

(g) weapons and ammunition of any kind;

(h) any glass containers (e.g., glasses, bottles), and cans;

(i) alcoholic beverages of any kind;

(j) bottles/containers, etc., made of materials other than glass (PET, etc.) with a capacity of 0.5 liters or more;

(k) laser devices (laser pointers) and excessively noisy items (e.g., megaphones and gas horns); the carrying of noisy items (e.g., instruments) is only allowed for official fan clubs upon prior registration at least three days before the Event, with the noisy items only being used in the designated spectator area during the Event without endangering or disturbing others;

(l) drones or other flying objects (operating or flying drones or other flying objects from outside the event premises is also prohibited);

(m) animals of all kinds. Exceptions can be made for assistance dogs or guide dogs. Service dogs that are carried for official use are also exempt from the ban;

(n) other dangerous objects of any kind.

4.10. In case of doubt, the assessment of the admissibility of brought items is within the responsibility of the competent security services.

4.11. Transparent or fabric banners without a rigid frame are permitted as long as they do not obstruct the spectators' view of the track, the finish area, or the advertising boards when hung up in the event premises. The security services are authorized to remove disruptive banners.

4.12. All persons entering the event premises must comply with the legally, regulatory, and/or organizer-prescribed measures in place at the time of the Event to prevent COVID-19 infections (e.g., providing proof of low epidemiological risk ("G-rule"), wearing an FFP2 respirator mask without an exhalation valve, maintaining certain safety distances, or other safety measures). Violations of the prescribed safety measures may result in refusal of entry or removal from the event premises without any refund of the ticket price and may also lead to administrative or criminal prosecution.

5.1. Only persons carrying a valid ticket or other form of admission authorization (e.g., accreditation) or those who can prove their right to stay at the Event in another way are allowed to remain on the event premises. Admission authorizations must also be presented upon request by the police or the security service within the event premises.

5.2. All persons entering the event premises must behave in a manner that does not harm, endanger, hinder, or harass others. The event premises and its facilities must be used with care and respect.

.3. All persons entering the event premises must behave in a way that does not disrupt the course of the Event. In particular, the competition area must not be entered, and the course of the competition must not be disturbed in any way (e.g., by throwing snowballs or other objects at the athletes or into the competition area, unauthorized entry into the competition area). In case of non-compliance, the Organizer may demand compensation from the person in question.

5.4. All persons entering the event premises must not casually dispose of waste, packaging materials, or empty containers. Such waste, however, must be disposed by using the waste bins provided on the premises. The separation of the materials to be disposed of must be observed.

5.5. All visitors entering the event premises must take their assigned seat indicated on their ticket and use the designated entrances to reach it. If safety distances are prescribed by law, regulations, and/or the Organizer to prevent COVID-19 infections, they must be strictly adhered to. For safety reasons and to prevent hazards, visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of the police or the security service and take seats other than those indicated on their ticket, even in different sectors.

5.6. All entrances and exits, as well as emergency, escape, and rescue routes, must be kept clear. In addition to these Venue Rules, necessary further orders for individual cases to prevent or eliminate danger to life, health, or property may be issued at any time. Instructions issued by the police or the security and order service for this purpose must be followed.

5.7. The following actions are prohibited:

(a) disturbing public safety and order;

(b) carrying or having prohibited items;

(c) harassing, scaring, or endangering individuals, especially athletes during preparation and competition;

(d) abusing alarms, emergency calls, or distress signals;

(e) polluting or damaging the event premises or its infrastructure;

(f) causing public annoyance or violating customs and decency;

(g) behaving contrary to the objectives of the Venue Rules (in particular according to Section 3). Regarding smoking on the event premises: reference is made to the legal regulations at the place of the Event and to information provided at the Event.

5.8. Driving and parking within the event premises are only permitted with a special authorization permit. The respective restrictions must be observed. In addition, the provisions of the road traffic regulations in their current version apply throughout the entire premises.

5.9. In the event of cancellation or termination of the Event, visitors must immediately and orderly leave the event premises. In case of thunderstorms (especially with lightning, hail, storm warnings, and similar natural events), it is essential to follow the instructions of the staff immediately and without exception. Visitors who fail to comply with the instructions given in such cases, particularly by not leaving the premises, do so at their own risk. The Organizer cannot accept any liability for damages resulting from disregarding the instructions of the competent security service.

5.10. After the end of the Event, all visitors must immediately and orderly leave the event premises.

6.1. Caution: The event premises are sometimes located in alpine terrain! Visitors must adapt their behaviour, clothing, footwear and equipment to the special conditions of the winter natural environment.

6.2. The spectator area along the sports facilities (e.g., racetrack, ski trail, ski jump hill, etc.) is in steep winter natural terrain and can only be accessed/traversed to a limited extent and at one's own risk; relevant notices and barriers must be followed.

6.3. The Visitor is specifically advised that the volume can be very high during events, posing a risk of hearing/health damage. The Visitor must independently take appropriate protective measures. This applies especially to children, for whom their respective supervising person is responsible for ensuring protective measures, and to individuals sensitive to noise.

6.4. The stay on the event premises is at one's own risk. Liability is limited in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of the Organizer.

6.5. Accidents, damages, and injuries must be reported immediately to the organizer.

7.1.  Any violation of the Venue Rules, particularly any behaviour that endangers safety, entitles the Organizer or the deployed security service to expel the person who violates the Venue Rules from the event premises. The assertion of any other (additional) claims by the Organizer (e.g., claims for damages) is expressly reserved.

7.2. Criminal offenses and administrative offenses will be reported.

8.1. The Visitor acknowledges that audio and visual recordings, as per Section 9 of the Austrian Data Protection Act (öDSG), will be made for journalistic purposes at the Events, which may subsequently be exploited (television and radio broadcasts, photos, videos, audios, etc.). If the Visitor is recorded or photographed during or in connection with the event in approved images, sound, or photos for television, radio, internet, film, print media, etc., they agree that these images or recordings may be stored, evaluated, and exploited for commercial purposes without compensation, without temporal or spatial limitations, using any current or future technical methods by the Organizer and/or other authorized parties (e.g., television broadcasters), provided that the use does not unduly violate the personal interests of the Visitor.

8.2. The Visitor acknowledges that for the purpose of the safety of all individuals and the enforcement of laws or violations of the Venue Rules, the Organizer may conduct video surveillance of the spectator areas throughout the event venue. The permissibility is based on Section 12 para. 3 item 2 Austrian Data Protection Act (öDSG), as the video recordings are necessary for the preventive protection of persons or property in publicly accessible areas subject to the organizer's right of access. Automatic deletion of the recordings occurs after 72 hours unless they are needed for specific reasons for the realization of protection and evidence preservation purposes or for disclosure to competent authorities, courts, or security agencies.

8.3. Visitors are prohibited from transmitting, in whole or in part, via the internet, radio, TV, or any other current and/or future media technologies, audio and/or visual material, descriptions, results, and/or statistics of the event or supporting others in conducting such activities. Visitors are only allowed to take photo, film, video, or other audio/visual recordings of the events for private use. Any commercial use or use for commercial purposes of such recordings is strictly prohibited.

8.4. The visitor of the event will grant the organizer the rights of use to images or videos showing scenes of a sports competition as soon as they are commercially utilized (e.g., on a monetized YouTube channel).

The Venue Rules will be made available to the visitors in their current version in an appropriate manner (publication on the organizer's website | or any linked information platforms, excerpts displayed at ticket booths and within the event premises, or the Venue Rules may also be transmitted to the respective ticket purchaser as part of the ticket purchase process).

The current version is the present version of these Venue Rules, dated July 2023.

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